It’s HERE! National Public Health Week!

Woooo! Check out the cool events this week!


Public Health Day of Service this Wednesday!

WEDNESDAY: Public Health Day
March 31, 2010
Hosted by Dwight Hall Public Health Coalition

Documentary: “In Sickness and In Wealth”
7:00PM – 8:00PM
Dwight Hall Common Room
What are the connections between healthy bodies, healthy bank accounts and skin color? Join the Public Health Coalition to explore whether medical care cures us but to see why we get sick in the first place, and why patterns of health and illness reflect underlying patterns of class and racial inequities.

Followed by a Public Health Advocacy Moment in collaboration with Amnesty International
Dwight Hall Common Room
Write to Senators asking for an extension of unemployment benefits for jobless Americans. This action is based on materials from The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a national civil and human rights advocacy and research organizations. Snacks will be served!

State of the Planet

On March 25: Look for a state of the union address unlike any other–State of the Planet 2010.

A biennial conference, hosted by the Earth Institute and The Economist, watch the world’s most influential and innovative thinkers tackle critical issues facing the world including: climate change, poverty, economic recovery and international systems.

Clearly all these issues greatly affect public health (a topic of  import to PHC), but this post will place focus particularly on poverty.

A short list of infectious diseases, treatable with inexpensive generic drugs, accounts for 70-90% of all childhood illness and death in the developing world — a truly appalling statistic.

These enormous global health disparities cause thousands of global citizens—sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers—to die each day from diseases for which cures were discovered decades ago. Such deaths do not come from disease as much as from complacency: killed by conditions that could be prevented with simple, affordable remedies: vaccinations, bednets, anti-malarials, hand sanitizer and antibiotics.

Disease has practically become an accepted part of life in impoverished communities, yet treatments are available for less than a cup of coffee. So what can be done?

Here is a list of some of the more innovative approaches to improve health or reduce costs for the poorest of the poor:

Selling to the poor: Social enterprises likes HealthStore Foundation attempt to use market mechanisms to create a private alternative for sustainable access to low-cost, high-quality medications.

Health Impact Fund: Yale’s own Thomas Pogge is leading the charge to radically change Pharma’s global IP policies by incentivizing R&D expenditure that would address substantial reductions in global burden of disease.

PATH‘s Malaria Vaccine Initiative: Funded by the Gates Foundation, a collaborative effort to create a whole new type of vaccine will save millions of lives.

The Power of the Text: FrontlineSMS:Medic leverages the power of the cell phone to save lives in developing countries.

charity:water: No one brings clean drinking water to people in developing nations better than CW. 100% of proceeds go to fund water projects.

World AIDS Day

I thought I would share two things to help commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day.

First, a great video from

Second, an Opinions piece I had in the Yale Daily News regarding World AIDS Day.

Public Health Lunches!

Every Friday,the Public Health Coalition sponsors an amazing professional in a public health-related field from 12:30-1:30pm in the Branford Dining Hall Annex.

Come check them out anytime! These are very personal gatherings that you don’t want to miss!

Wine and Dine in the Oh-Nine — A CDE Event!

Warning! Reading this blog on an empty stomach is not advised…You have been warned.
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the CDE’ers who trekked through the rain to come to our first CDE event of the year! And another special thanks to Prakash for telling us/lending the community center to us. Honestly, potlucks are the way to the start the year with your division. It was a great turn out despite the weather and it was a great opportunity to meet your classmates especially for those who haven’t had a chance to meet everyone!
Here’s a little tip for division reps:
1. Don’t have a place? We just mass e-mailed everyone about it and someone offered a place to us.
2. Don’t know how to cook? One word: caterer. There’s so many affordable places near by. And don’t forget it is a potluck you can always ask others to bring food over.
Anyways, we, the CDE reps, hope you enjoyed attending the party.
Woohoo! Go CDE!
Your CDE Reps,
Sara, Roxana, Unjali, and Jenn

Health Care Reform Proposals Hearing Today!

Wednesday, June 24th: Streamline video available on