Rolling on…

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since I last reported and I have been mostly waiting for something eventful to have happened. I have been to a few museums already, celebrated a few holidays with the locals, and proceeded with my research plan. The people at the NGO have been extremely helpful assisting me with certain logistical issues. The NGO does a lot of work with commercial sex workers and I will soon be going in their van to observe some outreach work. On Thursday I finally got IRB approval here and so I am good to go with my research. Tomorrow I will be going to a narcology clinic (basically a clinic where they treat drug abuse) to deliver my survey and informed consent forms as well as compensation for participating in the study. It’s kinda crazy how all of this stuff that was once all jumbled in my head a few months ago is now coming to reality. I suppose that is one of the greatest aspects of doing research. In the mean time, I thought I would share this video of a few Russian kids and one conspicuously larger, older, and bare-chested Russian kid dancing the night away (btw – the video was taken at 9:00 pm. Since St. Petersburg is so far north, the sun sets very late in the summer for a period known as “beliy nochi”, or “white nights”). I am curious to hear how everyone else’s summer is going so please post something.
Thanks and hope all is well wherever you may be!