Wine and Dine in the Oh-Nine — A CDE Event!

Warning! Reading this blog on an empty stomach is not advised…You have been warned.
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the CDE’ers who trekked through the rain to come to our first CDE event of the year! And another special thanks to Prakash for telling us/lending the community center to us. Honestly, potlucks are the way to the start the year with your division. It was a great turn out despite the weather and it was a great opportunity to meet your classmates especially for those who haven’t had a chance to meet everyone!
Here’s a little tip for division reps:
1. Don’t have a place? We just mass e-mailed everyone about it and someone offered a place to us.
2. Don’t know how to cook? One word: caterer. There’s so many affordable places near by. And don’t forget it is a potluck you can always ask others to bring food over.
Anyways, we, the CDE reps, hope you enjoyed attending the party.
Woohoo! Go CDE!
Your CDE Reps,
Sara, Roxana, Unjali, and Jenn


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