Innovative uses of condoms, as reported by UNFPA country officers

Note: the stories here won’t be found in official UN country reports, as they are transcribed from a night out drinking with my colleagues, but I assure you they are true…

It is UNFPA/UN Cares/UNAIDS policy to have condoms available at all office bathrooms. A friend at the office who used to work in Paupa New Guinea noticed that every time a new supply was put out, it would be gone. So she finally asked the women working in the office, “where are all the condoms going??”. She looked over to see her colleague with an opened wrapper, using the condom’s lubricant on her arm – as a moisturizer. 🙂

Similar stories began to unfold this evening, out to dinner with friends. Here’s a brief summary:

UN Papua New Guinea: women use lubricant from the condoms as moisturizer

UN Jordan: women open up condoms to store their earrings and other jewelry in transit

Thailand: male students use the lubricant covered condoms to shine their shoes for their school uniform

Vietnam: youth catwalk fashion shows w/ outfits made of condoms & pills (see photo)


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  1. Very cool!

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