SustiNet through 3 committees – Take action now!

Exciting Updates from the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connectict!

SustiNet logoSustiNet is now through 3 legislative committees, and because of your work, the votes have been overwhelming. Combined, 43 yes votes have been cast for SustiNet with only 17 against. Almost every day a new legislator steps up to support “health care we can count on.”

We have less than one month until the end of the legislative session, and as the bill heads towards the House floor (and then to the Senate) we need to continue to ramp up our efforts. So this Thursday, May 7th is the SustiNet Day of Action.

Commit to call your legislators on May 7 (RSVP on the event page)

SustiNet Day @ the Capitol follows on Wednesday, May 13th. It will be a full day of actions at the State Capitol. Come for the full 4 hours or 30 minutes if that’s what you have. Come after work, leave work early, or take a personal day — it is important that we pack the Capitol with SustiNet supporters.

RSVP for SustiNet Day @ the Capitol

Now is the time for you to speak loud and clear and let your legislators know they must act decisively to secure quality, affordable health care for all of us. So, please, act now and then forward this message to your friends and family.

More information:
SustiNet materials
Bill language
Public Health Committee vote
Human Services Committee vote
Labor Committee vote


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  1. Thanks for the event info! I’ll definitely try to stop by since I’m going to be home that week. :)Who else will be there???

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