Wait ‘Til Next Year

After a 4-1 regular season, the YSPH Outbreak softball season ended this afternoon with a first-round loss to the Balco’s Finest (Biomedical/Bioscience Science) team. While the loss today was admittedly disappointing, there are still many things to be happy about based on the season.

Among the highlights of the season:
– The 4 wins from the regular season marks a 300% increase from the previous season. That in itself is statistically significant!

– A brand new marketing campaign that included guilt-tripping people to play, YouTube videos (video1, video2, video3), and debuting the new, spiffy Outbreak uniforms. The picture below is our new model/batboy Dean Cleary posing with his new uniform at last Tuesday’s happy hour.

– The ability to grind out the season despite the many injuries that the team faced, from bruised ribs, strained hamstrings, and line drive-related injuries. Despite all this, we still fielded a full team each and every week, played hard during every play, and carried an intensity unmatched by any team that we faced (to the point where people ran away from us).

With the smooth transition of the team to some brand new leadership and captains, Outbreak softball is positioned to be a strong contender (and team to beat) for this upcoming fall semester and beyond.


2 Responses

  1. Bummer… Well at least you guys had the best t-shirts ever!

  2. I’m still Outbreak’s biggest fan… my loyalty is unconditional.

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