The Great Nutrition Facts Debate

An op-ed by Haley Hogan in today’s Yale Daily News argues that the nutrition facts in the Yale College dining halls are unnecessary and may contribute to eating disorders:

For a surprisingly large number of undergraduates, the nutrition facts glare up at them like dangerous temptations feeding their obsessive thoughts about food, weight and thinness, instigating a battle with numbers and calorie counting that can devolve into the life-threatening diseases of anorexia, bulimia and anorexia athletica. Given that college is a hotbed of eating disorders, Yale should remove these number-heavy signposts from the dining halls and encourage students to develop healthful, intuitive eating habits.

What do you think?

In full disclosure, I wrote an op-ed in the YDN about the topic several years ago to advocate for adding nutrition facts in the first place (which they did!). It generated a ton of controversy though (see here, here and here!)

This past fall there was another spate of articles on the topic: Arguing for and against.

The YDN may not be published any more this semester, but that doesn’t mean we can’t debate it on the blog.



One Response

  1. I support nutrition facts whole heartedly, but only if they are accurate. I’m not sure where they pull some of these numbers from, but I know that chicken does not have 1270 grams of sugar per serving…On a more serious note, if a student is on a diet or concerned about what he/she is putting into his/her body, then nutrition facts are incredibly important. It helps you keep track of calories for weight control, of fat and cholesterol for heart maintenance, and of sodium for blood pressure, for example. Nutrition facts also help you decide on reasonable portion sizes instead of just packing your plate until there’s no more space for you to add more food.And if you don’t care about nutrition, then just ignore it and go with what smells good.

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