President of Liberia Thanks Yale for Helping to Improve the Liberian Health System

The President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, stopped by campus this past Thursday, and made a mention of the work that the Yale School of Public Health is doing. Melissa Pheterson reports:

President Sirleaf lauded Yale in particular for being “instrumental” in supporting the country’s budding health care system, one of several focus areas prioritized by a government that’s emerging from years of civil war and political upheaval. The Yale School of Public Health is training surgeons and staff at two hospitals in the capital of Monrovia in pre– and post–surgical safety protocols with a “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” checklist designed to improve patient care and avoid potentially fatal errors. In addition, the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences/Stella Maris Polytechnic, also in Monrovia, has partnered with YSPH and the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative to offer a Health Systems Management course, developed in response to the vision of Liberia’s Minister of Health to equip health care professionals with leadership skills and problem–solving tools. Professor Elizabeth Bradley, director of Global Health Initiatives at Yale, oversees research and outreach for these initiatives.

Just one of the many cool things that people here are doing!


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