Statement of Intent

This is a picture of my statement of intent to register letter to come here to YSPH.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I mailed this thing. I had spent the previous evening agonizing over the decision of which school to go to and had the final two schools in separate envelopes, ready to go depending on whatever decision I made. During the following morning, I picked up the YSPH envelope (and my Netflix videos) on my way to work, placed it on my desk at work, and ended up having a staring contest with it for the rest of the morning. Yes, another productive day in corporate America.

Shortly before noon, I called my co-worker and asked him if he wanted to take a walk to the post office. As we waited in line, I thanked him for coming along with me for moral support since I figured I’d chicken out of the grad school decision if I had gone alone. He looked at me in surprise – he thought I was paying my gas bill. He then asked if I needed to think it over some more. I laughed and mailed the thing overnight.

And so that was how my journey at YSPH officially kicked off. Now, I find it drawing to a close. With the semester ending and professors doing that wrap up speech to sum up the course, the focus is on closure. This evening, my professor in her course wrap up talked about how my graduating class started the same time she started here. I couldn’t help but smile because I do remember that time during orientation when we all had to introduce ourselves, tell our career interests, and say something interesting about ourselves.

A lot has happened since then, and as everyone will say, it just went by so quickly. And just think. The students for next year’s entering class have just completed a similarly agonizing process of simply mailing in their decisions to come here. And they too will go through a similar, yet unique experience while they’re here.

Anyway, what was your experience like when you decided to come here? Share your stories in the comments section.


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  1. Great post. It’s so hard to believe that we’re almost done!

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