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Got Dental Coverage? Want it?

Click here to view and sign a letter for better dental health coverage for grad students at Yale!

From Gabe Forrey, EPH ’09:

GPSS sponsored an emergency dental fund this year with limited funding and a
seemingly endless list of applicants of which almost all were qualified but

What’s the next step? We need to continue to provide the Yale Corporation with
evidence that this is something students need. I mean, who is going to pose
for all those brochure shots and website photos if our teeth are all jacked up?

Michael Yarbrough and the GESO Health Care Committee are working with the GPSS
Advocacy Committee to ensure this issue doesn’t simply get folded into the mix.
The administration is actually considering whether to adopt a dental plan.
Signatures will be accepted until Wednesday, April 22, in order to deliver the
letter by the end of the semester. Please consider signing the letter of
support (even if you’re graduating), along with forwarding this note to other
students, faculty, staff, and alumni.



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