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The Unite for Sight conference was an incredible experience. I’m exhausted from running from panel to panel all weekend, but feel like I learned a lot and have a lot to digest. I especially enjoyed the two talks by Joia Mukherjee, medical director at Partners in Health…and the talk today about liberation medicine…and the more “science-y” talks yesterday about genetic manipulation of mosquitoes and immune responses to parasites. I wish I’d gotten to talk to more of the 2,200 (!!) people in town for the conference, but I did meet some pretty cool people. Any one have any inspiring stories to share?

Here’s my thought for the week from the PHC Bulletin:

“I think they’ve changed my view from a fairly conservative and traditional view of how medicine should be practiced to a quite different one. And that’s really due to the fact that the transplant patients that I’ve treated have become members of what you might consider an extended family.

I came to believe — and perhaps I always believed this, but certainly it was reinforced — that medicine was a truly noble profession and that nobody should go into it without nobility of purpose. That [belief] in the long run had downstream effects in that I came to realize that in transplantation there was a kind of class filter through which ultimately when transplantation became self-sustaining economically, or even profitable, that it was much easier to get a transplant if you had a lot of money than if you were poor. So I came to be a strong advocate for health care for everybody.” -Dr. Thomas E. Starzl (one of the “fathers of transplantaion”)


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  1. Thanks for sharing. There were SO many people at Unite for Site…Did YPHC end up doing anything for some of the students who came in from different schools?

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