Selected Pictures from the Windy City

On the second evening of the conference, it snowed in Chicago. Yes, snow in April.

This is likely someone’s worst nightmare: a SAS advertisement at O’Hare Airport. It proves that there are people out there using SAS.

The scene at the McCormick Center after a keynote speech. Everyone was heading towards getting more free SWAG…

To drum up support for Chicago’s 2016 bid, they had various Olympian athletics performing in front of us. My request to join in was denied.

The calm before the 25,000 attendees storm this hall.

Two days after the snow storm, it was nice and sunny outside. Absolutely amazing.

My friend was solicited by Mr. Blackberry. I wanted to pose with my iPod touch, but was denied.


3 Responses

  1. Garett, While I am skeptical about your fencing ability, there are few individuals that can claim both TA and lightsaber skills.

  2. I love the Mr. Blackberry photo, although I definitely agree that Mr. iPhone would be better!

  3. Garett, Light savers are not official weapons in fencing…and especially in Olympic fencing. Just thought you should know…

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